Domestic Violence


If you have been charged with domestic violence, your circumstances are likely complicated and deeply personal.  Our team is dedicated to making sure your case is handled with consideration and dignity.  Above all, we aggressively advocate for you and your future.

Domestic Violence

If a Domestic Violence allegation has been levied against you, as we all are aware, this comes at a great expense to you and your family's reputation. This type of tarnish may never go away without setting the record straight.

Many times, the allegation of domestic violence itself is completely off the mark by the prosecution. It can be filed when there is no romantic relationship between the accused and the named victim, when there is no parent/child relationship, when there is no family relationship whatsoever. In fact, many times it is misfiled because there may be a family relationship between the named victim and somebody else who was involved in what happened.

As is often the case in life, things are not always as they appear. Such misunderstandings can lead to mischarged domestic violent offenses that can forever put a stain on the house of the accused and their loved ones. Clearly this would be a miscarriage of justice.

Sobering Information

Statistics on domestic violence are sobering, but you are not a number. The nature of these crimes leads lawmakers to establish harsh penalties, but you are still innocent until proven guilty. Did you know:

  • The State of Arizona pursues domestic violence cases even if your loved one or ex (the alleged victim) does not want to.
  • Alleged victims can be court ordered to testify against you. If they refuse to comply with a subpoena, they can be arrested.
  • Men are often profiled as the aggressors in domestic violence cases. Because of this, men are more frequently arrested and charged even if the woman in the situation committed an act of violence.
  • Parents and guardians are more likely to be arrested and charged than their children because they are expected to be the more responsible party. However, if a teenaged or adult child becomes violent or threatening, you may feel a need to protect yourselves and them from harm.
  • You can serve prison time and/or lose your right to bear firearms even for misdemeanor charges related to domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence includes not only physical and sexual abuse, but also stalking, endangerment, violating custody or interfering with custodial proceedings, rendering threats and animal cruelty.

The tragedy is when laws designed to protect families end up hurting them instead of helping them.

Case by Case

No stone will go unturned.  There must be evidence to back up the charges.  We will examine all angles to the allegations.  Whatever your situation, Garcia Law is dedicated to fighting for your case, and giving you all the information and support you need.

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We’ll fight for you to ensure that the law’s deep-rooted principles are not forgotten and neither are you.