DUI/DWI & Vehicular Crimes

As a former Vehicular Major Crimes prosecutor, Steve Garcia knows how to maneuver and oppose the complexities of DUI laws and the unbalanced administration of them.

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Criminal Defense

Steve Garcia is the right attorney to know how to challenge the state’s case and give you the best chance at a desirable outcome.

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Steve Garcia has the experience necessary to give you the best chance at reversing your conviction or bringing your sentence into proportion with what actually happened.

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True justice stands upon the ideals of liberty and due process for all. Yet, in today's modern era, our overburdened legal system is more vulnerable than ever to handling people like numbered parts on an assembly line. This is no way to treat people. The effect is often devastating, leaving the accused helpless to an unknown and unfriendly future. In these cases, the spirit of the law has been forgotten.

The law should not function as a weapon of oppression, a pawn of political ambition or a tool for those in authority to abuse. The law exists to protect people—all people. We are here to remind those in power of what many have forgotten.

The law and the liberty it affords should not be mutually exclusive. The law does not stand alone. The liberty and due process that the law is supposed to stand for still lives in the hearts and voices of those who reject a system that limits itself to rigid interpretations of circumstance and one-sided results. This is not justice for the people the system purports to protect. It's not justice at all. We'll fight for you and these endangered principles to ensure that the law's deep-rooted principles are not forgotten and neither are you.


The appeal process is designed to reverse decisions made on weak legal grounds. If a court sentences you unjustly, you do not have to simply accept it. Here at Garcia Law, we pay close attention to court proceedings and if there is any case for appealing a decision, we will take action.

Assault & Violent Crimes

Assault and violent crimes are not necessarily one and the same. Though violent crime is a phrase often connected to a wide range of charges, from disorderly conduct and assault, to first degree murder. If prosecutors feel they have a case, they will charge you on multiple counts, and this can lead to harsher penalties.

Domestic Violence

If you have been charged with domestic violence, your circumstances are likely complicated and deeply personal. Our team is dedicated to making sure your case is handled with consideration and dignity. Above all, we aggressively advocate for you and your future.

Drug Crimes

According to the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety, drug crimes account for about 12% of total arrests in our state. Prosecutors are flooded with drug-related cases that they try to process quickly, and our job is to curb their enthusiasm.


Stephen Garcia knows DUI's. While serving with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Stephen was assigned to the Vehicular Crimes Bureau. As a major crimes prosecutor, he gained specific and detailed knowledge prosecuting Aggravated DUI's and other serious vehicular-related offenses.


Juvenile courts are founded on the principles of reform and redemption. It is critical that we provide services to at-risk youth and their families.


Probation can be a light at the end of the tunnel for those facing or serving a sentence. It can also be an unnecessary burden and obstacle to progress. In either case, we will be your advocate and fight for your interests.

Property Crimes

Property crimes range from large-scale heists to one-time shoplifting. As such, sentencing guidelines are complex and you can expect prosecutors to press charges that carry the most severe possible penalties.

Sex Crimes

The stigma and sentences associated with sexual assault and abuse charges underline how important it is to have a fair-minded attorney who will aggressively demand due process for you or your loved one.


We’ll fight for you to ensure that the law’s deep-rooted principles are not forgotten and neither are you.