Simply put, sex crimes are serious. They are about as serious as it gets. Sex crime sentencing guidelines are crushing. The years of incarceration can quickly add up to essentially multiple life sentences stacked on top of each other (run consecutively). Before any sentence is ever dealt, the system is designed to essentially treat a person accused of committing a sex crime as a person already convicted. In many cases, before an evidentiary hearing is held or a sentence of testimony taken, a person could be held without bond/bail.

As you know, society often times shares the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” mentality that the justice system can subscribe to. Being accused of committing a sex crime, let alone being convicted, carries with it a dark cloud that is nearly impossible to escape. On top of any sentence that the court may impose, lifetime sex offender registration may be a person’s fate too. On top of that, an individual may be in store for a lifetime of supervised probation. The stakes are rarely higher and you need a serious attorney that has the experience to aggressively fight these grave accusations and penalties. The following is a list of a few of the sex crimes that are consistently filed.


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